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    seek and you will find


  • About us

    Founded in 2018, SeekIn has been dedicated in developing cutting-edge cancer early detection technology. The company has developed a blood-based multi-cancer detection assay called SeekInCare which took a panoramic view of cell-free cancer signatures and a multi-omics approach incorporating genomic and epigenetic alterations in conjunction with protein biomarkers. Equiped with proprietary AI- and big data-driven CRS algorithm, SeekInCare exhibites superior effectiveness to detect multiple cancer types at high specificity.
    Our mission is to detect cancer when it is still curable with a vision to reduce cancer mortality by 15% by 2030.

  • In October 2020,Dr.Mao was invited to give a talk on TEDxTheBoud's annual meeting again(TEDxTheBund talk in 2018). As TED's vision is the power of ideas to change the world, his wish is to use early detection to control cancer, the emperor of all maladies.


    I hope that with all our efforts today, when we identify a positive case, the person will say to me,“Dr. Mao, no worries. I just have cancer”.


    —— Mao Mao

    MAOMAO's TEDxTheBund talk in 2020

  • Our solution

    multiplex, stepwise, cost-effective blood-based cancer screening

    A NGS test to capture cancer genetic features in plasma.

    To calculate cancer risk score.

    Non-invasive blood based screening method,10ml blood.


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