• OncoSeek®

    Low-cost early cancer detection method

    OncoSeek®, a combination of 7 clinically validated plasma tumor markers, using a new multivariate OncoSeek algorithm combined with big data and AI, performs early detection for 12 common cancers by calculating the probability of cancer (POC) and tracing the cancer tissue of origin (TOO).

    OncoSeek significantly outperformed the traditional clinical method,
     representing a novel blood-based test for 12 common cancers detection.


    Indicated subjects: AFP, CA125, CA15-3, CA19-9, CA72-4, CEA, and CYFRA21-1

    Sample requirement: 8ml blood
    TAT: 5 work days

    Test workflow:

    Pre-test inquiry > Informed consent > Blood-draw > Testing > Analyzing + Interpretation > Reporting


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