• SeekInCare®

    The first-in-class blood-based pan-cancer early detection test

    With the mission to detect cancer when it is still curable, SeekInCare® has been developed as a pan cancer detection test that takes a panoramic view of blood cell-free cancer signatures and a multi-omics approach incorporating genomic and epigenetic alterations in conjunction with clinically validated protein biomarkers. Equipped with proprietary AI- and big data-driven CRS algorithm, SeekInCare® exhibits superior effectiveness to detect dozens of cancer types at high specificity. SeekInCare® has been launched as a lab developed test (LDT) in China since late 2018. SeekInCare® is intend to use for the individuals with elevated risks of cancer such as smoking, chronic hepatitis, aging, etc., in conjunction with the approved conventional single cancer type screening tests.

    • panoramic view of cell-free cancer signatures in blood
    • multi-omics approach that incorporated genomic and epigenetic alterations in conjunction with protein biomarkers
    • Big data + AI


    Sample requirement: 10ml peripheral blood
    Result readout: Cancer Risk Score (CRS) + Tissue Of Origin (TOO)

    TAT: 10 working days

    Test workflow:

    Pre-test inquiry > Informed consent > Blood-draw > Testing > Analyzing + Interpretation > Reporting


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